Brian Bryant

What happens when an inventor’s dreams all come true, but also his nightmares! It’s a thrilling ride of love and heartbreak in “Brian Bryant”

b/w 2022


Bradley Phaser 2

Bradley Phaser, lowly space repair and service worker gets mixed up in a domestic affair when he makes a house call to a lonely housewife. Love, scandal and robots.

b/w 2021


Bradley Phaser 1

Meet Bradley Phaser, space explorer extraordinaire, and air conditioning repair. Bradley is taken to a hostile galaxy and the ship boarded by evil aliens, can they survive?

b/w 2021


Hank the Amoeba

Join Hank the Amoeba and his pal Perry Paramecium as they explore the wonderful world of the microscopic.

b/w 2018


Why not buy all four? Makes a great set, perfect for a lazy afternoon.


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